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Welcome to HiBike Ltd.'s Titanparts website. Hibike offers more than just great bikes. We have a complete range of titanium and titanium alloy products. Our titanium products are used in many applications including aerospace, chemical manufacturing plants, marine offshore rigs, automotive components, food and pharmaceutical processing plants, recreation and sports equipment, pigment enhancers, medical implants and surgical devices and even candy.

Titanium can be manufactured in various forms: sheets, strips, plates, billets, bars, rods, ingots, extrusions, pipe, tubing (seamless and seam-welded), coil, and wire. Titanium can also be forged welded, machined, or other fabricating processes to reach a desired product. These processes are extremely difficult to accomplish and require custom cutting tools along with an expertise to know-how to use them.
We are one such company. We pride ourselves on being able to supply high-end, performance Titanium parts for our many well-respected customers across varying industries around the world. With our testing center now in place and our continuing effort to form close relationships and continual communication with our customers and manufacturing factories, we can make high-quality, low-defect pieces to meet our customers' meticulous requirements. Come join us.

History of Titanium:

Titanium was first discovered in Cornish beach sands back in 1791 by an English chemist and mineralogist named William Gregor. It was then actually identified in 1795 by a German chemist, Martin H. Klaproth, who gave it it's name we still use today...Titanium.

A pure form of metallic titanium was isolated in its in 1910 by Matthew Hunter at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with cooperation with General Electric Company. In 1946, William Kroll proved that titanium alloys could be used commercial by combining titanium tetrachloride with magnesium. Titanium got its first major push during and after World War II when a need for a stronger lighter substance was needed for the war effort. Today, titanium production exceeds 50 million pounds annually has maintained a steady growth rate over the past 50 years.

Titanium ranks ninth in the most common elements in the earths crust but is never found in its pure form. Most of the titanium mined today formed approximately 1.8 million years ago and is mined from mostly streams or rivers where it is found most concentrated. Titanium concentrations are found mostly in China, Australia, South Africa, and the United States where it is extracted commercially from the ore minerals Rutile and Ilmenite.

The two most common titanium alloys are Ti 6-4 (6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium, 90% Titanium) and Ti 3-2.5 (3% Aluminum, 2.5% Vanadium, Titanium 94.5%). Ti 3-2.5 is used mostly for making tubing while Ti 6-4 is used for making structural componentry.

Titanium's Purification:

Minerals and sand deposits are removed from the titanium mixture through several refining stages where a mixture of titanium dioxide (Ti) is produced. At this stage in the refining process, the substance is remarkably white in color and is used as pigment enhancer in paints, plastics, cosmetics, and sunscreens because of its durable, bright, and rich characteristics. Further refinement is needed for other metallic products. The mixture of titanium dioxide mixed and heated (550°C) with a chlorinator to create titanium tetrachloride (). Purification of this volatile liquid is then necessary and needs an inert argon atmosphere to avoid atmospheric gas contaminations in the final product. Using metallic sodium or magnesium and a significant amount of heat, pure metallic titanium can be extracted. The metal is then melted and cast into shape.

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